Redefine Business Processes To Improve Efficiency

Refine Processs

Do you feel the need for clarity and uniformity on how to carry out a given task?

Uniformity of handling a given task - like how to handle a new customer - creates efficiency in an organization.

If you wish to digitally transform your organization, it is important to understand how efficient processes can help you.

Automation will magnify efficiency of efficient processes and inefficiency of inefficient processes.
–​ Bill Gates

Every organization uses a number of processes every day to carry out their daily work. You may or may not be aware of it.

For example, how to handle a new customer, how to generate a purchase order, how to resolve a customer's complaint, or even how to apply for a leave!

Business Process is a set of steps or tasks that are carried out in a particular sequence to complete a given task - like any of the tasks mentioned above.

Business Processes can be formal or informal.

Formal processes are also known as procedures. They are documented and have well-established steps. Formal processes have uniformity and clarity of operation across the organization. Generally tasks involving finance, legal or any critical activity are Formal Processes in organizations.

Informal processes are generally the ones we create for ourselves to carry out some tasks. These processes may not be documented.

Processes that work correctly, can significantly improve efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

But processes that do not work correctly, can create frustration, delays, unhappy customers, and even financial loss.

To improve a business process, follow the below steps:

  • Map the process.
  • Analyze the process.
  • Redesign the process.
  • Acquire resources as per the redesign.
  • Implement and communicate the change.
  • Review the process regularly.

Remember that most of the business processes need to be reviewed periodically. Continuous improvement of the business processes is needed to ensure high efficiency and productivity.

How do you refine business processes to improve efficiency in your organization?

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