How To Create A Change-Capable Workforce

Manage Change

Are you an owner of a small business?

Do you feel the resistance to change in your organization?

Get your core team to understand the importance of Business Process Optimization, and their buy-in for Change Management.

Every business or team, be it small or large, opposes change. The feeling of getting replaced by technology is dreaded by everyone. Employees are not keen on unlearning and relearning.

  • Conduct regular meetings to make them understand the importance of being productive.
  • Make them feel valued by taking their inputs on pain areas and difficulties in the existing system.
  • Be attentive to their requirements.
  • Frontline teams often provide the best and simplest solutions.
  • Make then understand that the entire exercise is executed to reduce their efforts, and not aimed at replacing them.

Business Process Optimization is an extensive and time-consuming process. The gains from the entire change management exercise will be achieved only if the entire organization puts in efforts for its success.

Have you implemented Change Management strategy in your organization? How was your experience handling your team?

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